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About us


Original Group is an investment and technology holding company that finances, designs, markets and develops high-tech products and services.

Anniversary public report on the investment and technology holding Original Group activities

Original Group includes:

  • Original I&M — Management company providing financing and project management.
  • One En — Software, industrial equipment and electronics development center.
  • CallTraffic — One of the largest Russian call-centers (over 2000 operators, one of the TOP-5 largest call-centers).
  • Qubi — Russian IoT electronics brand.

Original Group is launched on the market and the following services are being developed:

  • TraceWay — Track & Trace system for products identifying and tracking at all stages of their life cycle.
  • Original — System of manufacturers and consumers protection from product counterfeiting.
  • iActions — A technology platform for implementing large-scale marketing programs.
  • iGuard — A cloud-based solution for work quality monitoring and processes optimization in a security company.

Original group mission

We are changing the technology market with our energy and expertise. We generously share our knowledge to make the market more demanding for the quality of high technologies.

Technology leaders today will become economic leaders in the future. Our mission is Research and Advanced Development financing and creating solutions that improve the living standards of entire areas of businesses and industries.
We are making great efforts to accelerate the Russian business transition to the sixth wave of innovation.

We are sure: a good idea is not enough!
Technology leaders are also responsible for demonstrating the practical benefits of digital transformation for everyone.

More about the Original Group

The company was formed as a startup in 2006 with 2 people in its team, today there are more than 2500 people. The first Original Group development was an innovative solution for protection against counterfeiting, today it is a multifunctional and diversified holding. The main feature of the company is the focus on independent development of ideas or the search for emerging market trends that will create an innovative and promising product / service that allows it to meet the customers expectations..

All solutions created by Original Group are unique at the time of their release. This approach is embedded in the company DNA, and is a clear confirmation of its innovative spirit (which is also confirmed by the many patents and licenses obtained).

The essence of the Original Group is the constant competencies development. Expertise is built up through the services delivery to clients. The company develops it internally and communicates it to the market, receiving enriching feedback. Original Group transformation lies precisely in the area of competence; the holding aims to do what others cannot.

Create a solution is, first of all, understanding the clients challenges, and to achieve that the company builds up partnerships with them, exchanges expertise and competencies for mutual development. The Original Group does not create products that it then tries to sell to someone; the holding sees the needs of the customers and meets them. This approach opens up significantly more opportunities in any of the markets where it operates.