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Communication and Customer Experience Management Expert Center

CallTraffic is a high-tech communication and analytical center based on its own EzCom platform, developed by the Original Group team.

CallTraffic has been successfully completing the business development, digitalization and scaling tasks for more than 10 years, providing comprehensive R&D support and ensuring information protection for customers from more than 60 industries. A large number of companies, including the giants of the Russian market, entrust CallTraffic with their tasks of communication support, business process optimization and customer experience management.

Range of competencies

Marketing expertise and industry specialization, IT infrastructure development and software development, systems integration and business process automation, engagement management and building effective project teams.

Services and solutions

CallTraffic provides basic services for incoming traffic processing and conducting outbound campaigns using modern automated services, and also offers complex solutions:

  • Hot line
  • Virtual office
  • Sales and customer acquisition
  • Marketing campaigns support
  • Polls and research
  • Secret shopper
  • 1-3 lines technical and service support
  • Internal and hybrid contact center organization

CallTraffic provides 100% disaster tolerance and information protection, scalability and projects launch in the shortest possible time, automated monitoring and project implementation management, highly motivated, professional and involved personnel, customized IT solutions development.


A unique feature of CallTraffic is the project activities organization entirely based on proprietary software services. Original Group ensures automated solutions creation ahead of market needs, so customers have access to all the most modern high-tech tools at the same time, in one contact center. The same development team enables to customize, refine and integrate the software services to meet any business task in a short time and with no significant costs.