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About TraceWay

The primary objective of Track & Trace of the TraceWay system is to implement a systematic approach to product management throughout its entire life cycle: raw materials control, production, tracking along the entire distribution supply chain until the final customer.

In practical terms, this includes the consumer and transport packages labeling, linking individual and group codes to each other, carrying out various operations with products (grouping, ungrouping, moving, accepting, disposing ...), generating data for uploading into external systems in order to determine the authenticity of the goods and traffic monitoring.

TraceWay ensures interaction with federal government information system "Chestny ZNAK" in full compliance with all legislative regulations of the Government of the Russian Federation. This being only a small part of its functionality, the system provides the ability to control the degree of data completeness, consistency and accuracy throughout the entire life cycle of goods - an indicator that plays a key role in the production quality control system. TraceWay provides a practical opportunity to transform a company's information ecosystem, make its economy efficient and optimize distribution of goods.

Tasks performed by TraceWay system:

  • Ensuring compliance of the company's work with legislative acts prescribing the mandatory labeling of certain types of products.
  • Making warehouse and logistics operations significantly easier.
  • Reducing the losses in cases of production defects and product recalls.
  • Products falsification and counterfeiting protection.
  • Ensuring the distribution transparency.
  • Increasing consumer confidence in the products quality.

Book by R. Gimadiev's «Labeling. All about implementation and Track & Trace systems»

The book details how full-featured labeling solutions help businesses manage the product lifecycle in a comprehensive and interesting way. In contrast to the primitive reporting connectors currently on the market in large numbers, the mature Track & Trace system enables to control data integrity. Or, more precisely, control of the degree of data completeness, consistency and accuracy throughout the entire life cycle - an indicator that plays a key role in the product quality system.

You can download the PDF version of the book following the link below for free.

Download the book for free