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Product anti-counterfeiting system

Original is a patented way to protect products from counterfeiting. It is based on the technology of labeling each product unit with a unique code. The code can applied on a label, insert coupon inside the package, or directly to the package using a laser or inkjet printer (for example, a code under the lid).

How it works

The unique code allows the consumer to verify the authenticity of the purchased product. To do this, you need to send a request for code verification in any of the following ways:

  • send a code in an SMS message to a short number;
  • register the code on the Original service website;
  • scan the code using any QR reader or special mobile application (for QR codes).
  • give the code to the support operator.

Information instantly goes to the Original platform, where an array of generated codes is integrated, as well as all communication channels with consumers - a website, SMS and a contact center. The platform compares the code with the array, checks if it has been registered before, and sends a response message with the verification result.

Each reply message contains a free support hotline number. If a counterfeit is detected, the operators:

  • advise the buyer on how to return products with authenticity not confirmed;
  • check out and fix the outlet address where the counterfeit was purchased. The manufacturer can remotely control the service operation via the web control panel.

In the web-panel, reports are generated in real time with the check results: a database of customers verifying codes, verification results, audio recordings of support service calls and other reports.

Original system operates on the territory of Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.