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Onboard weighing system NetTruck

R&D center development is a unique on-board weighing system that determines the truck or road train axles load, the total weight and the transported cargo weight.

An on-board controller with a touchscreen display is installed in the driver's cab. The controller displays the Nettruck sensor values, which show the air springs pressure or the car's suspension airline pressure. The driver instantly receives overload notifications on any of the axles, and a weighty evidence in disputes with weight control points employees. The vehicle owner can track the weight distribution along the axles, the total weight of the vehicle, the weight of the cargo in real time, and receive service support by phone 24/7.

Proprietary software allows to use less sensors, reducing installation and operating costs.

The main 1EN principle - no vendor lock - makes it possible to integrate with various trackers (terminals) and cloud service platforms.

As the system is designed to be installed on any vehicle, with any number of axles, the customer of the development, «New Engineering Technologies», has already installed the Nettruck system on more than 25,000 vehicles of its customers.

Among the clients are logistic, construction and road companies, housing and communal services, mining and processing companies, agricultural machinery owners, and private entrepreneurs.