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Original Group started with the practical implementation of an innovation created by a small initiative team. The 1st patent for the anti-counterfeiting system was received. A pilot for the service of the product protection system against counterfeiting ORIGINAL was launched.


In partnership with the largest printing houses and manufacturers of automotive components, ORIGINAL is debugging technologies, launching a service to locate a counterfeit and new verification channels: "SMS to a short number", "call to 8-800", strengthening s security measures. Contracts with mobile operators in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine are signed.

A patent for a double-layer identification sticker was received. For the first time in Russia, the issue of stickering economic efficiency has been resolved.


iActions marketing service has been created for the labeled products manufacturers. First marketing campaigns for ORIGINAL clients were held on the unified IT platform.

To support the in-house projects of the company, a communication and analytical center was created (that will eventually become CallTraffic). New quality management platforms development starts.


The active development of infrastructure continues, Data Center service equipment capacity has been increased, direct links with telecom operators and secure gateways have been established. Payment system for bonuses is created within the iActions platform in accordance with PCI DSS standards. Contracts have been signed with leading banks, the Federal Tax Service, the Russian Post, and logistics services.

KAMAZ and AVTOVAZ components suppliers have adopted the anti-counterfeiting system as a quality standard. Motor oils and auxiliary technical fluids have been added to the ORIGINAL labeling.


A new market of anti-counterfeiting systems and labeling services started by Original Group is actively developing. During 2010 – 2011 the competition intensifies and the ORIGINAL and iActions projects offer the highest technological standards and take up leading positions in their niches.

The technologies developed earlier are being tested, their functionality improving, the range of services expanding, being optimized and becoming economically profitable for the users.


Developers offer more related services for the convenience and confidentiality of the processes. In order to combat the codes falsification at the printing house level, the ORIGINAL team creates specialized equipment for the data transmission channel encrypting, and a secure technology for the ready-made reels transferring is worked out.

iActions conducts up to 30 marketing campaigns simultaneously, develops personal data protection and fail safety technologies. The first site of the CALL-CENTER in Izhevsk completely resolves the issue on marketing projects participants support.


ORIGINAL and iActions achieved solid profit performance. The financial stability of the company made it possible to invest in the development of new projects. iActions iACTIONS independently attracts clients from the FMCG sector (perfumery, cosmetics, food, drinks, etc.). Over the past three years, enterprises of KAMAZ and OAT (United Automotive Technologies) ecosystem have become OG clients.

Work has begun in the field of microelectronics. The focus is on industrial routers, the study of electronics on chips, machine vision systems, communication systems. In the future, the Qubibrand will be created on the basis of this initiative.


The call center serves iActions marketing projects and transfers its processes to the platform for call centers EzCom developed in-house; the CallTraffic brand is introduced to the market for the first time.

The result of research in the field of microelectronics is the Connected Car project and the JT APP solution.

A Eurasian patent was obtained for "A method of linking the products descriptive properties to identification tags intended for sales registration", which ensures the conformity of the code encrypted information to the characteristics of the product.


CallTraffic develops sales, clustering and fail safety. Business processes are ISO9001 certified.

Developed and introduced to the market are: iGuard cloud service for security companies; iDeal sales representatives work organization system.

The ORIGINAL system continues to develop its client base.


For the first time, Original Group is included in the TOP-10 IT companies of Russia. The TraceWay (ранее iTrack) team (formerly known as iTrack) completed the products tracking and verification system development and launched the first project in the field of pharmaceutical product labeling, long before the legislative initiatives. The Original Group designers and programmers have developed the concept of a unique Software and Hardware System for labeling.

Load and resource management in CallTraffic is performed on the basis of the first proprietary WFM system. The second site was opened in Togliatti.

Connected Car service functionality and the JT APP mobile application for motorists are being finalized.


In partnership with one of the largest Russian pharmaceuticals manufacturers, TraceWay is working to adapt the anti-counterfeiting system to the pharmaceutical industry. The existing technology is being tested in real production processes.

The Original Group continues to promote the PLM (product lifecycle management) systems. Track & Trace, a new type of industrial information systems, are ready for implementation in various business projects.

CallTraffic receives a FSTEC license to work with personal and confidential information. The third site was opened in Kazan.


OThe Original Group is actively involved in the implementation of the state project of mandatory labeling using Track & Trace of the TraceWay (formerly known as iTrack).

The cloud service for security companies iGuard and the sales representatives work organization system iDeal acquire more clients and continue to work outside the holding.

CallTraffic develops omnichannel and starts training its own neural network; the fourth site was opened - in Cheboksary.


Track & Trace systems functionality is being developed on the basis of large technological enterprises in the pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries, automotive components and motor oils manufacturers. TraceWay starts its own research and development facility with modern computer numerical control (CNC) equipment for metalworking and electronics production.

The microelectronics division has developed a unique on-board weighing system.

The regional CallTraffic network now includes 9 sites. Expertise on partners' information systems technical support has been formed. The number of employees of the holding for the first time exceeds 2500 people.


Track & Trace’s iTrack project underwent a rebranding and entered more than 10 industry markets under the TraceWay brand. A program for the knowledge and competencies transfer in the field of labeling has been launched. Cooperation with industry universities, organizations and federal executive authorities began.

Through the efforts of the developers of circuitry and firmware of devices, the QUBI electronics brand was introduced to the market. The first samples of smart packaging for the needs of pooling operators were created.

CallTraffic receives the "Crystal Headset", introduces "live scripts" and speech technologies, significantly expands the WFM system functionality.

The R&D division is set apart under the Onе En brand.


TraceWay is part of the working group for the development of the labeling project, organized on the basis of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Software and Hardware System is being adapted to new consumer goods industries. Active work is underway to develop the equipment production and component base in Russia. Machine vision systems have been developed.

Affordable retail software and cloud solutions for small and medium-sized businesses have been created. An online equipment and consumables store TDPrint for consumer goods labeling was launched.

CallTraffic wins three “Crystal Headset” awards at once and gets into three new cities, expanding to 12 locations. It is included in the TOP10 of the iKS Consulting rating.

The Original Group is awarded "Best Enterprise in the Industry 2020".


A line of unique retail software solutions for industrial printing has been created, including thermal inkjet, thermal transfer, piezoelectric labeling systems under the Qubi brand. The team showcased successful projects for neural networks training and machine vision technologies.

The Original Group Holding begins to implement ESG principles.

iActions becomes a full-cycle technology agency with Federal Tax Service integration via API.

CallTraffic открывает год 13-й площадкой и победой в «Хрустальной гарнитуре». opens the year with the 13th site and another "Crystal Headset" award. An internal "CallTraffic» Academy" was created. The focus is on deep integration into customers' business processes, the BigData usage and a proprietary neural network.

The number of employees in the group exceeded 3300 people.