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Service for security companies work optimization

iGuard service integrates in the cloud the security guards mobile application based on a walkie-talkie or smartphone and a web-control panel for the security chief and the duty unit.

This solution allows performing most of the work processes remotely, since communications and data exchange between security officers are carried out online. The data includes recordings from CCTV cameras located at the secured facility. Video files are stored in the cloud, on iGuard servers, for 3 months. The entry of interest is easy to find and view in any of the mobile or web applications.

The remote interaction benefits security services quality of and facilitates the employees work managing process.

Mobile terminal on the smartphone-walkie-talkie of the guard

  • Receiving tasks from the chief of security
  • Sending reports and videos
  • Solving online tests
  • Payroll counter
  • Service documentation updated online

Chief of security and the duty unit control panel

  • Remote instruction and security guards professional training control
  • Guards tracking at a secured facility
  • Instant tasks assignment and surveillance image distribution
  • Obtaining task reports and video reports made by guards
  • Viewing videos from surveillance cameras
  • Automatic duty schedule and timesheet generation
  • Service documentation updated online
  • Receiving comments on the service work from the client

Data transmission is carried out via GSM, Wi-Fi and radio channel. All connections are secured with an SSL certificate and user passwords are encrypted.